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Thread: Can I pay after I receive the RWSL Marketex Portal?

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    Can I pay after I receive the RWSL Marketex Portal?

    Does anyone know if they will release the software and then I make payment once it’s received? I’m a bit funny about paying for things over the phone as I’m terrified it won’t turn up.

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    I doubt RWSL would use that process, like any company really, as what if someone received the goods and then didnít pay! Thereís an element of trust involved with any distance purchase but Iím happy to confirm I had no issues and received the RWSL Marketex Portal promptly the next day after payment.

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    Can you please confirm if the package had to be signed for and looked untampered including any accessories?

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    It did have to be signed for as it was couriered to my work address. I did forget that my laptop doesnít have a disk drive so they actually sent the Portal out on a USB the next day as well.

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    - I’m gladto hear of their bespoke service as I will need my hand held for a long time I suspect but am going to take the plunge in any case.

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